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The Scalable vector graphics (SVG) standard is a "flavor" of XML for graphics. It allows you to "draw" vector graphics using a text-based XML structure and you can also incorporate bitmaps, links, and javascripts. It provides a way to intelligently link to graphic presentations to other types of data.

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XML Resources

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Assignment 1 requires a list of XML-related resources, as shown here and which I hope to keep updated. The list is taken from those provided by Professor Benoit as well as my own additions. It is highly personal and idiosyncratic and can't be considered the last word in sources on XML, which are numerous indeed.

General Resources

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Domain Specific Resources: Geospatial Data and Mapping

Currently, maps, geospatial applications, and geographic information systems (GIS) are hot, thanks in part to popular web sites like Google Maps, Google Earth, MapQuest, etc. We also are becoming increasingly aware that maps can be one of the most effective ways to convey information, make a point, and tell a story. XML plays an increasing role in many geospatial applications. Here are some relevant sources:

Validators and Tools

These are handy online tools to check the well-formed and validity of your HTML and XML.

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